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deCompagnie is a music ensemble with a heart for music and theatre. Seven young professional musicians form the core of the music ensemble, including Michiel Delanghe and Mathias Coppens, the founders of deCompagnie. They came up with this idea in 2014 and founded an ensemble with a new generation of musicians. deCompagnie has its origins in the conservatory of their home port of Antwerp and was born out of an artistic need for symbiosis. This is what Michiel Delanghe and Mathias Coppens bring together today. They lead the new generation of musicians to defend the music of the 21st century with their typically warm and generous play. deCompagnie wants to create and remake opera and musical theatre that can touch today's audience.


deCompagnie starts from timeless themes, large lyrics and scores which they transform into contemporary opera and musical theatre. In doing so, deCompagnie makes a continuous connection between the past and the present. deCompagnie wants to create opera and music theatre without bombastic sets, rather from the material itself. 

With their recording 'Preludes', deCompagnie released its debut CD in the series 'In Flanders fields'.

Listen to it here.

De Compagnons

A look behind the scenes with some top class musicians. 



Michiel Delanghe - conductor

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Bram Fournier - trombonist


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Mathias Coppens - pianist & composer


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Lieselotte Watts - cellist


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Lieselotte decompagnie

Jens Lynen - violinist

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Sven Van De Voorde - clarinettist & accordionist

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Tille Van Gastel - flutist


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